Vintage car show in Islamabad

The Vintage and Classic Car Club of Pakistan (VCCCP) organised a show of cars participating in the Karachi to Khyber vintage car rally at the Serena Hotel. The annual rally sees vintage car owners stop in cities across the country to showcase their vehicles. After the stop in Islamabad, the rally will continue on first to Murree and then to Peshawar.
The show featured dozens of classic cars of different origins including British, American and European and includes cars like Rolls Royces, Cadillacs, Fords, Mercedes, Volkswagens and Jaguars among others. The exhibition saw many cars being displayed for the first time, including a 1929, 7700cc Rolls Royce Phantom II, which is one of the just 1,281 to have ever been built.
A 1926 Ford Coupe Convertible and a 1940 eight cylinder Buick, both one of the best sellers in their day, were also showcased for the first time.

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